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Deputy Council Leader Caught Playing Candy Crush During Meeting

Updated: Apr 24

A senior Liberal Democrat Councillor Margaret Lishman is facing heavy criticism for appearing to play the mobile phone game Candy Crush during a Burnley Borough Council meeting.

The footage, which has appeared on Facebook this week, shows the long-time Briercliffe Councillor playing the game during a Full Council meeting in which all Councillors are required to attend. Distracted by the game Mrs. Lishman is even prompted to vote during the proceedings by her colleague and husband Cllr Gordon Lishman.

The actions have been branded “shameful” by Conservative Councillor Jamie McGowan. Commenting he said:


“The people of Burnley and Padiham deserve so much better than this. It really is shameful, especially the part where she votes. Councillor Lishman is Deputy Leader of the Council who is also responsible for the budget. To be caught playing Candy Crush during a Full Council meeting is just shocking.
The question is how many times has this happened? She must surely consider her position in the Council now.”


The video has already been seen thousands of times since it was first posted on Facebook.


Responding Councillor Margaret Lishman said:


“This is a nasty little non-story dredged up from years ago, which had some publicity at the time.
“I have spent hundreds of hours in Council meetings over the years and not everything discussed over that time has been equally important or engaging.   At the time of this underhand recording, I did not have a leading role on the Council.
“As all other councillors know, I have a record of participating fully in Council meetings. Indeed, I contribute to full Council meetings and speak more often than nearly all other Councillors”.

Cllr McGowan responded:

"Cllr Lishman’s response clearly shows the disregard she has for residents. It’s appalling.”

Councillor Lishman was first elected to Burnley Council in 1991. She is one of four candidates standing for election in the Briercliffe ward in the local elections taking place on May 2nd.


·       Liberal Democrat - Margaret Ann LISHMAN

·       Labour Party - Pete COLES

·       The Green Party - Julie Ann HURT

·       The Conservative Party Candidate – Richard SAGAR

Should Cllr Lishman remain as Deputy Leader of the Council?

  • Yes, but she must first give an apology

  • No, she has shown she isn't interested

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